What is ParaLegal Pro?

The ParaLegal Pro™ suite of services helps your commercial group efficiently manage documents, transactions, interactions and many other exchanges related to the workflow and practicalities of commercial files.

Together, the generative AI capabilities of Lending Assist paired with the support from our expert commercial team at ParaLegal Pro™ is all you need to accelerate deal velocity.  Check out the features of our suite of services below:

Customer Success

  • Onboarding Documents
  • Communications Tracking
  • Training & Co-Development

Document Coding

  • Template Building
  • Perpetual Updates
  • Compliance Checks

Workflow Design

  • Team Productivity Improvements
  • Alerts & Troubleshooting
  • Integrations of 3rd Party Practive Management Tools

Review & Proofing

  • Electronic Packages
  • Loan Checklists
  • Pre-disbursement Conditions

Turbo Charge Your Corporate Practice Group

Corporate paralegals need an extra degree of scrutiny and a knack for seeing patterns in huge reams of data and documents. Furthermore, paralegals need to be organized and excellent communicators especially when deadlines are tight. ParaLegal Pro adds the horsepower you need to your corporate practice team for high-volume time-sensitive tasks requiring legal accuracy.

ParaLegal Pro service packages comparison:

LA Max

LA Opty

LA Prime

Customer Onboarding
Review & Proofing
Workflow Design
Document Coding
Subscription Cost
$1099 per month
$879 per month
$799 per month
Paralegal Support Included
Up to 10 hours of dedicated paralegal support per week
Up to 3 hours of dedicated paralegal support per week
Hourly charge for paralegal support
Paralegal Support Overage
$20 per hour
$35 per hour
$50 per hour
Lending Package Generation Fee
+ $300 per file
+ $300 per file
+ $300 per file

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