We're amplifying precision and efficiency in commercial lending for lawyers and bankers.

Complete all due diligence, increase your team's productivity, eliminate errors, and delight clients - all in one secure web application. Thousands of loans, 8-figure transaction values and billions transacted on the platform.
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Stop patching together software that doesn’t work.

We get your pain. Your firm is under pressure to keep fees low, deadlines short, and clients happy, but there’s nothing on the market to reduce your overhead and increase team productivity. You’re patching together multiple applications and processes, but there’s nothing designed specifically for the unique workflows of commercial transactions. That’s why we developed Lending Assist – the only software designed to handle the complexities of commercial transactions with ease, all within one application.

Draft all Documents

Complete all your documents with information entered only once into Lending Assist – never copy and paste again!

Search Government Registries

Retrieve government searches from parties and land within Lending Assist and automatically update your documents with the results.

Register Charges Against Parties

View all existing charges against parties, register new charges, and amend, renew, or discharge existing charges within Lending Assist.
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Lending Assist
Leading Competitors
Generate documents from templates
Custom documents for your firm
Ongoing training and support
Designed specifically for commercial transactions
Create full due diligence packages in Word or PDF
Collaborate with team members
Ongoing updates to lender document templates
Ongoing updates to your custom documents
Pull searches from government registries within the software
Documents updated with data from searches
Review existing PPR and Land Titles encumbrances
Register, amend, renew, and discharge at PPR
Say goodbye to your generic document preparation software.
See how using Lending Assist can save over 8 hours on document preparation and due diligence on every file.
What is Lending Assist for?

Commercial Financing and Real Estate

Create and send due diligence packages complete with all documents, search, and title information. All lending documents are constantly updated, ensuring your team always has the most up-to-date precedents compliant with banking standards.

Purchase and Sale Transactions

Whether you’re acting for a financial institution, private lender, or  borrower, use Lending Assist’s built-in templates or create your own to efficiently complete your purchase and sale transactions and delight your clients.

Corporate Documents and Collateral Securities

Draft all your corporate and collateral security documents, complete with information pulled from searches, including: mortgages, security agreements, guarantees, assignments, lease agreements, resolutions, opinions, and much more.

Equipment Financing

Use Lending Assist’s built-in serial numbered goods template to upload and search all serial numbered goods at the Personal Property Registry, and automatically update your documents with this information.
How do you benefit using Lending Assist?

Your Personal Coding Team

Working closely with contacts at financial institutions, the documents in Lending Assist are constantly updated and undergo rigorous lawyer review, so you never have to worry about updating documents again! Need documents not already in Lending Assist? No problem! Our team can code and update all your legal and lending documents.

Support and Training

From working with your team to ensure a smooth transition getting started with Lending Assist, to ongoing troubleshooting and support, we are with you every step of the way using Lending Assist. Schedule webinar training at your convenience, use our training tips and resources, and call or email us anytime you need assistance!

Bank Grade Security and Reliablity

Lending Assist uses leading cloud-based data centers that meet the needs of the most secure organizations, with full ISO 27001 compliance. All data is stored within Canada, with daily backups to ensure your data is never lost. All data and documents shared between your firm and Lending Assist is encrypted using a secure SSL connection.

Industry-Leading Technology

Lending Assist allows law firms to generate due diligence packages in under 20 minutes and collaborate with team members 24/7, significantly reducing firm overhead and time to complete files – but we won’t stop there. We’re committed to providing ongoing feature improvements and integrations to remain industry leaders.
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