Developed by lawyers, for lawyers.

Lending Assist was created by lawyers with expertise in commercial transactions, so you can guarantee it’s been designed with you in mind.

The process that’s streamlining the legal industry.

Create a new file in Lending Assist and enter all information required for your file one time, including all parties and land information. 

Pull all required searches on parties and land directly from government registries, and review the resulting documents and encumbrances.

Select the documents to draft from a list of all official precedents from financial institutions, or documents created by your firm. 

Create a finalized due diligence package ready for signing, and complete all registrations, discharges, etc. at PPR.

User-friendly interface customized for commercial transactions. 

Designed specifically for commercial transactions, Lending Assist is customized to capture all the information you’ll need to complete your documents and due diligence with ease. Keep track of file status and credit facilities, select lawyers and paralegals responsible for the file, manage any lender contacts, enter signing dates, and create all parties and land on the file to be used when drafting documents or searching at government registries. Whatever you need for your commercial transaction, Lending Assist can handle it!

The simplest way to search and register at government registries.

Use Lending Assist to search government registries, including the Corporate Registry, Personal Property Registry (PPR), Land Titles Registry, as well as Bankruptcy, Bank Act, WCB and EASR searches. View and download all source documents, and review existing encumbrances from PPR and Land Titles. Select which registrations will be postponed or discharged, register new charges, and amend, renew, or discharge existing charges directly within Lending Assist at PPR. Data from searches is used to automatically update your documents, and summaries of all PPR or Land Titles encumbrances can be quickly generated for review. Received a few searches from the government sites outside of Lending Assist? Just upload the search results and the data is available for you to use!

Corporate Registry
  • create and search various party types, including Corporations, Partnerships, and Limited Partnerships
  • select from a list of all possible matches if multiple results are found
  • review and save all source documents
  • review any previous legal entities or amalgamation predecessors associated with the searched party
  • view all officers and directors, as well as the registered address, and use this information in your documents 

Personal Property Registry

  • search by debtor, registration number, or serial number
  • use a template to search hundreds of serial numbered goods at the same time in Lending Assist
  • review and save all source documents
  • view exact matches, and list or detail all inexact matches
  • review all existing registrations, including: debtor, term, type, secured party, collateral description, and any associated land or serial numbered goods
  • link inexact matches to the associated exact match
  • register new charges, and amend, renew, or discharge existing charges directly within Lending Assist

Land Titles Registry

  • search by title, registration number, or survey plan
  • select from a list of all possible matches if multiple results are found
  • review and save all source documents, including: titles, survey plans, condominium additional plan sheets, and encumbrances on title
  • view the full legal descriptions of properties and use this information in your documents

The most comprehensive set of commercial documents.

Our team at Lending Assist works with contacts at financial institutions and law firms to update our library of over 1000 commercial documents, including all major financial institutions and private lenders, ensuring your firm is using the most up-to-date legal precedents and freeing up your team’s time to focus on the work that really matters to you. Need documents not already in Lending Assist? No problem! Our team can code and update all your legal and lending documents. Lending Assist documents are arranged by category to make searching simple, and are complex enough to handle even the most complicated commercial transactions, complete with dynamic signature lines depending on the type of party. Best of all, never copy and paste file information or search data again!

Send secure electronic packages to anyone working on the file.

Ready for client signatures? Create and email secure electronic packages to the borrower or borrower’s lawyer, eliminating paper, photocopying, and front-end courier costs. Bundle your selected documents, source searches and verification statements and choose to keep documents in Word format or merge into a single PDF with the correct number of copies of each document. When you’re ready, select the recipients, write an email, and attach a letter to include with the package. You also have the option to create a draft package of documents that can be sent to the borrower for review before your client meeting. When the documents have been signed, simply re-upload the executed copies back into Lending Assist and create your finalized digital package to save or send to selected recipients.

The only software you’ll ever need for your commercial practice.

 Here’s just a few more features our clients receive when they sign up!

24/7 Collaboration

Collaborate with team members and view the status of your files 24/7. Inform clients about the progress of their loan and never worry about holidays or coverage again!


Customer Success Support

Change can be difficult, but we’re here to help you succeed! With access to training materials, email and phone support, file walkthroughs, webinars, & on-site visits, we guarantee you’ll be a pro in no time!


Your Personal Coding Team

Updating documents takes a lot of time. With Lending Assist, we work with financial institutions to ensure your documents are up-to-date. We even code and update your personal documents too!

Comprehensive Reports

Interested in your firm’s performance? Access a variety of metrics including number of files, fees charged, and search disbursements, all broken down by month, responsible lawyer, and more.


Bank Grade Security

Using leading cloud-based Canadian data centers with full ISO 27001 compliance, Lending Assist meets the needs of the most secure firms. Daily backups ensures your data is never lost! 


Full Legal Compliance

With Lending Assist, you can be assured you’re on-side with all legal regulations. Documents are from official sources, and all searches and registrations are fully compliant with government registries.

Rolodex of Lawyers & Lenders

Create and edit law firms and lenders, and move lawyer and lender contacts with the push of a button. It’s easy to make sure your contact list is always up-to-date with Lending Assist!

Ongoing Feature Updates

As a leader in our space, we’re always looking to stay ahead of the game. We work with our clients to improve the program, providing more features and integrations to make your lives easier!

Simple Onboarding Process

We make it easy to switch from your current processes and software! Our team codes all your documents, trains team members, and provides ongoing training and customer success support.

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